Fractured Veil: Unveiling the Apocalypse – Survive, Craft, and Rebuild in the Remnants of Maui”


In the not-so-distant future, Maui stands as a hauntingly beautiful yet perilous landscape, a mere shadow of its former self after a global catastrophe shattered civilization. “Fractured Veil,” a multiplayer survival game powered by the Unreal Engine, thrusts players into a world where the remnants of humanity grapple with mutants, nature, and each other to forge a new existence.fractured veil logo

Gather, Build, Quest, Craft, Raid, Defend: The Essence of Survival

In the aftermath of a global teleportation system failure known as the fracture, players embark on a journey marked by the constant struggle for survival and the daunting task of rebuilding civilization. With the island’s most terrifying mutants and other players posing constant threats, the game revolves around crucial elements like gathering, crafting, questing, raiding, and defending.

Key Features: A Glimpse into the Apocalypse

“Fractured Veil” boasts an impressive array of features designed to create an immersive and challenging gaming experience:

  1. In-depth Base Building and Crafting System: Construct and fortify your bases using a tiered skill-based crafting system, adding layers of strategy to your survival.
  2. PvP and PvE Balanced Quests: Engage in quests that strike a balance between player versus player and player versus environment, offering diverse challenges for every playstyle.
  3. Dungeons and Exploration: Delve into countless dungeons, ranging from small spaces to Diablo-inspired realms, revealing mysteries and dangers that await.
  4. RPG-Inspired Player Progression: Develop your character with talents, abilities, and skills, shaping a unique identity within the fractured world.
  5. Dynamic Day/Night Cycles: Navigate through the unpredictable hazards of an ever-changing environment influenced by real-world topographical data from Maui.
  6. Procedural Building and Terrain: Experience a truly open world with procedural building, road, and river systems, creating unique landscapes for exploration.
  7. Large Scale NPC Intelligence: Confront a variety of foes, from mutants and monsters to cannibals and wildlife, each posing its own set of challenges.
  8. 64 Square Kilometer Open World: Traverse the vastness of Maui, experiencing its diverse terrains and confronting the perils that lie within.

Explore an Open World: Embrace the Aloha Spirit

The game’s dynamic weather system introduces unpredictable hazards, while the day/night cycle breathes life into the meticulously crafted map. A careful blend of mutants, monsters, and other players ensures that danger lurks around every corner. Don’t forget the basics—burn the bodies, a crucial detail for survival.

“Fractured Veil” isn’t just about survival; it’s an exploration of an open world infused with the Aloha Spirit’s friendly vibes. The PvE Safe Zone offers respite from the chaos, providing players with a space to gather, trade, and connect.

Embark on this riveting journey into the heart of Maui’s apocalypse, where survival is not just a choice but a constant battle against the forces that seek to extinguish the last flicker of humanity.

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