Serpentis Drug Outlet

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serpentis drug outlet
Type: Combat
DED rating: 1/10
Security: Highsec, Lowsec
Known Regions: Essence, Everyshore, Placid, Sinq Laison, Solitude, Verge Vendor
Pirate type: Serpentis Corporation

Upon warp-in there are:

Serpentis Rookie Gatekeeper1 x1 (F)

Lookout Towers x2

Kill the gatekeeper to unlock gate to part 2.

Part 2

Centii Minion/Severant x3 (F)
Coreli Agent/Scout/Spy x3 (F)
Coreli Agent/Scout/Spy x3 (F)
Coreli Scout/Spy x8 (F)
Serpentis Drugstore Overseer x1 (F)(Wreck contains 6th Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects and Drugdealer Passcard to Storage Area, and may rarely contain Shadow Serpentis Frigate Modules)

Casino x1 (contains 2×20 random trade goods)
Narcotics Supermarket x1 (contains 10 random drugs)
Sales Bunker x3

Part 3

Coreli Agent/Initiate/Scout/Spy x21 (F)
Seprentis Outlet Crime Boss x1 (Overseer Frigate)(Wreck may contain 3rd Tier Overseer’s Personal Effects)

Serpentis Financing Office x1 (frequently contains Coreli C-Type Modules, and may contain Shadow Serpentis Frigate Modules or, rarely, a Daredevil BPC)

DaOpa’s Notes:
Tank for Therm and Kin and do kinetic damage against serpentis.

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