Cosmic Anomaly Sites

Cosmic Anomalies

cosmic anamolies list
Cosmic Anomalies list shows all the various types of exploration sites that you can find throughout EVE Online. These sites show up on your system scanner and do not require probing.

LocationAngel CartelBlood RaiderGuristasSansha's NationSerpentisRogue Drone
High secAngel BurrowBlood BurrowGuristas BurrowSansha BurrowSerpentis BurrowDrone Collection
High secAngel HideawayBlood HideawayGuristas HideawaySansha HideawaySerpentis HideawayDrone Cluster
High secAngel RefugeBlood RefugeGuristas RefugeSansha RefugeSerpentis RefugeDrone Assembly
High & Low secAngel DenBlood DenGuristas DenSansha DenSerpentis DenDrone Gathering
Low secAngel YardBlood YardGuristas YardSansha YardSerpentis YardDrone Surveillance
Low & Null secAngel Rally PointBlood Raider Rally PointGuristas Rally PointSansha Rally PointSerpentis Rally PointDrone Menagerie
Low & Null secAngel PortBlood PortGuristas PortSansha PortSerpentis PortDrone Herd
Low & Null secAngel HubBlood HubGuristas HubSansha HubSerpentis HubDrone Squad
Null secAngel HavenBlood HavenGuristas HavenSansha HavenSerpentis HavenDrone Patrol
Null secAngel SanctumBlood SanctumGuristas SanctumSansha SanctumSerpentis SanctumDrone Horde

Each site has 4 versions (look for the prefix) and each version has 2 varieties.

  • Normal – easy
  • Hidden – hard
  • Forsaken – harder
  • Forlorn – elite

Other Cosmic Anomalies include the following:

  • Ghost Sites – Ascendancy Implants, Shattered Villard Wheel loot comes from here.
    -“Lesser” in high sec
    -“Standard” in low sec
    -“Improved” in null sec
    -“Superior” in wormholes
  • Besieged Covert Research Facilities – Thukker Component Assembly Array BPC drops from here.
  • Contested Covert Research Facilities
  • Factional Warfare complexes

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