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Creating a page showing a list of Dev’s that are working on Dust 514 or have some sort of function with the game’s community. This list is very general from bits and pieces that I was able to find on the forums and via interviews. If you happen to see something that isn’t correct or missing, please fill free to comment below!

NameDeptNotesForum HandleTwitter
Thomas FarrerProducerDoes stuff with Weapon Design, and prob a lot of other things…CCP Wolfman
Phil WangCommunity ManagerCCP Cmdr WangCCP_CmdrWang
Gavin FrankleGame DesignerCCP Remnant
Vladislav PergeCommunity TeamCCP FrameCCP_Frame
Ryan ThorntonGame DesignerLead Vehicles DesignerCCP Blam!
Atli Mar SveinssonCreative DirectorCCP PraetorianCCP_Praetorian
Engineer / Senior ProgrammerCCP NullarborCCP_Nullarbor
Regner Blok-AndersenGame DesignerCCP FoxFourRegnerBA
CCP LogicLoop
Community TeamCCP EterneCCP_Eterne
CCP raRaRa
Game DesignerCCP Abracadabra
Visual EffectsTeam leader of the visual effectsCCP Luo Bin
CCP Phantom
CCP Cognac
Kjartan ArsaelssonDevelopment DirectorCCP GarlakadlCCP_Garlakadl
Ex Executive Producer, not with CCP anymore.CCP Jian
Kjartan EmilssonSenior Producer / DesignerCCP Lekjartlekjart
Community TeamNot with CCP anymore.CCP Mintchip
Community ManagerCCP Saberwing
EVE Universe Community TeamCCP Logibro
Jean-Charles GaudechonExecutive Pr

Recent Dev Posts

Dev Recent post feed removed since Dust 514 has been discontinued.

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