Laser Rifles

Laser Rifles

Laser Rifles List

The laser rifle is a continuous wave, medium range weapon. Targets are painted with a high intensity beam that deals sustained, focused damage in a concentrated area to maximize damage potential. At the core of the weapon is the thermal cavity, within which an optic spacer converges and blends three individually pumped beams into a single coherent output. The additional distortion introduced by each beam results in weakened output at close range, but as the weapon warms up to mean operating temperature the wavelength stabilizes and the damage output increases significantly, producing a weapon of unmatched precision and lethality in mid-range combat.

Heat build-up is typically managed by a self-regulating failsafe, a device used to forcibly shut the weapon off at regular intervals, flushing heat from its internal workings and preventing lethal feedback to the user, but most laser rifles in the field have been altered to bypass the built-in safety protocols.

NameTypeMeta LevelDamageARCSMARTHBUPSCDSDCPUPGOptimal RangeMax Range
Laser RifleStandard11753.7100500421575356080
ELM-7 Laser RifleAdvanced41753.7100500420577286080
Viziam Laser RiflePrototype81753.7100500418.95792106080
'Burnstalk' Laser RifleStandard31753.71005004

Please note – Max Range & Optimal Range are estimates, not offical stats.

Abbreviations Key:
RoF – Rate of Fire
AR – Accuracy Rating
CS – Clip Size
MA – Max Ammo
RT – Reload Time
HBUPS – Heat Build Up Per Second
CD – Cooldown
SD – Seize Duration

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