Logistic Dropsuits


Logistic Dropsuit List

The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest in integrated diagnostic technology, most of which revolves around maintaining the condition and efficiency of squad mates and their equipment. As such, a soldier equipped with this class of dropsuit becomes a force multiplier, greatly improving the overall effectiveness of the unit.

Utilizing a combination of high- and low-tech equipment, operators of the logistics suit are able to make effective repairs to installations, vehicles, and even other soldiers; every apparatus required for field triage is present and easily accessible from the utility pockets and satchels attached to the suit. Its hydraulic assisted exoskeleton allows the wearer to effortlessly hoist heavy equipment, while the helmet is packed with material scanners sensitive enough to spot microfractures in layered steel.

Logistic Dropsuits

When deployed, a soldier equipped with a Logistics suit fills a vital tactical role in small unit operations and full-scale warfare, providing both, medical and mechanical support.

'Dren' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101100
'Fossil' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101101
'Hazard' Logistics M/1-Series5527390150206605712120125050101102
'Hazard' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101101
'Hazard' Logistics mk.07839090150206605712120125050101108
Logistics A/1-Series46273120180176504.56.414140155050101103
Logistics A-I33195120180176504.56.414140155050101101
Logistics ak.066390120180176504.56.414140155050101107
Logistics C/1-Series5527318090204604.76.611.5115125050101103
Logistics C-I3919518090204604.76.611.5115125050101101
Logistics ck.07839018090204604.76.611.5115125050101107
Logistics G/1-Series5527390180156604.76.612.5125125050101103
Logistics G-I3919590180156604.76.612.5125125050101101
Logistics gk.07839090180156604.76.612.5125125050101107
Logistics M/1-Series5527390150206605712120125050101103
Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101101
Logistics mk.07839090150206605712120125050101107
'Neo' Logistics M/1-Series5527390150206605712120125050101104
'Neo' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101102
'Neo' Logistics mk.07839090150206605712120125050101107
'Oblivion' Logistics M/1-Series5527390150206605712120125050101102
'Oblivion' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101101
'Oblivion' Logistics mk.07839090150206605712120125050101108
'Raven' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101101
'Sever' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120125050101101
'Templar' Logistics A-I33195120180176504.56.414140155050101103
'Valor' Logistics M-I3919590150206605712120

‘Oblivion’ Suits
No-one understands the complexities of the battlefield better than those who choose to walk the line between healer and murderer. Mercy and death are often one and the same, and those who wear this suit understand that both can be granted with a bullet.

‘Hazard’ Suits
Patterned after the uniform worn by Group-5, a regiment of first responders who lost their lives when the plasma wave struck Seyllin I and destroyed the planet, those who wear this suit pay tribute not just to them, but to all who lost their lives in one of the darkest moments in New Eden’s history.

NameMetaMedium Capacity GrenadeHigh-Power ModuleEquipmentLow-Power ModuleSidearm WeaponLight Weapon
Logistics A/1-Series3132301
Logistics A-I1122201
Logistics ak.07133311
Logistics C/1-Series3133201
Logistics C-I1122101
Logistics ck.07153401
Logistics G/1-Series3123301
Logistics G-I1103201
Logistics gk.07134501
Logistics M/1-Series3133301
Logistics M-I1123201
Logistics mk.07144401
'Neo' Logistics M/1-Series4133301
'Neo' Logistics M-I2123201
'Neo' Logistics mk.07144401
'Sever' Logistics

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