Shepherd’s Aspect

Codex of Power Druid Dry Steppes Offensive

Shepherd’s Aspect is an offensive aspect available for the Druid class in Diablo 4. This aspect grants a powerful boost to the damage output of the Druid’s core skills for each active Companion.

Shepherds Aspect

The aspect’s description reads: “Core Skills deal an additional 6.0% damage for each active Companion.” This means that for every Companion the Druid has summoned, their core skills will deal an extra 6% damage. This can add up quickly, especially in situations where the Druid has multiple Companions active at the same time.

To unlock the Shepherd’s Aspect, players must complete the Bloodsoaked Crag dungeon in the Dry Steppes region. This dungeon is known for its challenging enemies and traps, making it a difficult but rewarding challenge for players to conquer.

Once unlocked, the Shepherd’s Aspect can be used to great effect in combat. By summoning multiple Companions, the Druid can deal devastating amounts of damage to enemies. This aspect is particularly effective when paired with other aspects and skills that allow the Druid to summon and control Companions, such as the Pack Leader skill.

Overall, the Shepherd’s Aspect is a powerful offensive option for Druid players in Diablo 4. By focusing on summoning and controlling Companions, players can deal massive amounts of damage to enemies and dominate the battlefield.

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  1. I completely agree! The introduction of Aspects in Diablo 4 is a welcome change that offers new ways to customize and enhance gameplay for each class. The Shepherd’s Aspect sounds like a great option for Druids, providing them with increased damage output for each active Companion. It will be interesting to see how players can combine this aspect with other skills and aspects to create even more powerful attacks. I also appreciate that this aspect is not easy to unlock, as it adds a sense of accomplishment when players finally acquire it. It’s clear that the developers are committed to keeping the game exciting and challenging for players.

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