Blizzcon 2016 Wrap-Up for Diablo 3


Diablo 3 Blizzcon Wrap up

Blizzcon is now over and with that lets get right to the point of what is coming up for Diablo 3.

Biggest announcement from Blizzcon was a new character classed called, “The Necromancer”. This class is similar to what was offered in Diablo 2.

  • The Necromancer: Wield the power of the dead with Diablo III’s newest playable hero class.
    • Master of the Dark Arts: Her magic draws from the power of blood and bone.
    • The Old Skills and the New: Command an Army of the Dead, control a mighty Blood Golem . . .
      . . . and make all the corpses EXPLODE!
    • Necromantic Sets and Legendaries: The Necromancer will be able to
      collect many rare treasures of unearthly power, including new
      Legendaries and Set items
    • Rise of the Necromancer Pack will include the character, an in-game pet,
      two character slots, two stash tabs, a portrait frame, pennant, banner
      and banner sigil. (Pricing TBD)

Next was an anniversary event type of campaign that will basically be Diablo 1 stuff recreated in Diablo 3. You will be able to play the 16 level dungeons of Diablo 1. Each class will also be getting a specific legendary.

  • 20th Anniversary Dungeon: The original Diablo labyrinth is back in Diablo III form.
    • Nostalgia Can Be Deadly: Recreated the events, monsters, and levels from the original Diablo.
    • Fresh(ened up) Meat: Original Diablo, The Butcher, Skeleton King, and Lazarus return as epic boss fights.
    • Presented in Glorious RetroVision™: Special ‘90s-inspired audio and visual filters for that “classic” look.

Other changes / features / updates

  • New Zones: Shrouded Moors and Temple of the Firstborn.
  • Crafting materials will not be stored in your stash but in a separate thing.
  • A Dye tab is being added to the Mystic so you can add colors seamlessly between your transmogs.
  • New Build / Gear set saving allowing you to save 5 different builds and gear sets per class
  • Additional roll option will be available if you can complete a greater rift with out dying.
  • New Auto-Fill Kanai’s Cube option with materials
  • Algorithm changes for monster spawning
  • Size of greater rifts will be more consistent.
  • Greater Rift entrances will be safe.
  • Monsters who have a jump or leap ability can be killed mid-air
  • Changes to how invisible monsters emerge
  • Changes to how reflect affix work to allow chance to dodge
  • Changes to shielding which will end with last monster alive.

New Rift type called Challenge Rifts coming in 2017.

Challenge Rift characters are not the same as your main character. Rewards gained from challenge rifts will thou be available to your main characters.

  • Level playing field, same class, build and items
Seasons coming to console players and will align in Season 10
  • Console players will be able to do Season Journeys, Leader boards and all rewards / cosmetics that come with it.

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