Where to get chemical waste


In the fascinating and immersive world of the Age of Water closed beta version, where adventurers embark on daring quests to conquer the uncharted waters, we find ourselves facing a challenging yet crucial aspect: the search for elusive chemical waste. This invaluable resource has emerged as an indispensable commodity, standing as one of the most formidable bottlenecks in our technological progress and advancement along the intricate tech tree. As a result, intrepid explorers and industrious pioneers are meticulously scouring the vast expanses of the game’s environment, tirelessly seeking out and diligently farming these dredge sites the moment they materialize, in the relentless pursuit of bolstering their civilizations and securing their rightful place in this extraordinary aquatic realm.

2 thoughts on “Where to get chemical waste

  1. Do you have the link to the map without any POI’s or just with the deposits? Or can you post how to rip the maps off the game?

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