Age of Water Map

Welcome to the Age of Water Interactive Map created by DaOpa, a treacherous world brimming with abundant resources, perilous pirates, and untold adventures. As you embark on your journey across the vast ocean, it’s crucial to equip yourself with essential knowledge to thrive in this challenging environment. In this comprehensive map guide, we will unveil the locations of resource spawns, pirate territories, and other invaluable information to aid you in your quest for survival.

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5 thoughts on “Age of Water Map

  1. Very nicely done! Your efforts are appreciated. Great detail and info. Did you happen to see where all 50 rock formations were for the archeological quest? Currently at 48/50 myself….

          1. Holy Sh*t you scared me thinking they were planning another wipe.

            Awesome map, I use it every night while I play. Can’t thank you enough!

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