Age of Water Map


Welcome to the Age of Water, a treacherous world filled with abundant resources, perilous pirates, and untold adventures. As you embark on your journey across the vast ocean, it’s crucial to equip yourself with essential knowledge to thrive in this challenging environment. In this comprehensive map guide, we will unveil the locations of resource spawns, pirate territories, and other invaluable information to aid you in your quest for survival.

Age of Water Map

  • Map Legend
    To ensure your success as a seasoned sailor, understanding the locations of essential resources is paramount. Below, we present a detailed map legend that will guide you through the different resource types and their corresponding markings on the map:
    Scrap Iron, Scrap Copper – Red Color Circle
    Ammunition Fragments, Scrap Copper, Sometimes Iron Plates – Green Circle
    Chemical Waste – Yellow Color Circle
    Explosives, Sometimes Ammunition Fragments, Some Other Scraps, Weapon Parts, Iron Plates, etc. – Dark Blue Small Circle
    Wreck Pontoons: The area marked by purple color denotes wreck pontoons. Explore these sites to uncover hidden treasures from unfortunate ships that met their fate.
  • Pirate Territory and Encounters
    Surviving the Age of Water demands vigilance, especially when dealing with pirates. Below are some marked areas representing various pirate territories and their potential threat levels:

    1. Mega Flying Courier Group
    2. Large T1-T2 ish Pirate Fleet, spams cannon balls
    3. Mega Pirate Group T2 – T4 – T5?
    4. Large Sharkee Group T1 – T2’s?
    5. Mega Pirate Group T2 – T4 – T5?
    6. Mega Pirate Group T2 – T4 – T5?
    7. Large Group
    8. Large Group
    9. Large Group
    10. Large Group
    11. Large Group


As you venture into the uncharted waters of the Age of Water, armed with this comprehensive map guide, you’re better equipped to navigate the challenges that lie ahead. Remember always to prioritize safety, be cautious of pirate encounters, and seize opportunities to gather valuable resources. May your journey be filled with triumphs and discoveries as you conquer the vast ocean and create a legendary legacy in the Age of Water. Safe sailing!

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  1. Very nicely done! Your efforts are appreciated. Great detail and info. Did you happen to see where all 50 rock formations were for the archeological quest? Currently at 48/50 myself….

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