Rusty ECA-B DG/2

Rusty ECA-B DG/2 is a common double guns that can be found from enemy loot drops, some chests and vendors. Crit Damage NA% Status Power NA% Close Range Damage NA% Weapon Mods Placeholder – Tier 1 Placeholder weapon mod slot one. Placeholder – Tier 2 Placeholder weapon mod slot two. Stats – note all the […]

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amber vault legendary

Amber Vault

Amber Vault is a legendary double gun that can be found from enemy loot drops and chests. Note many of the values, mods and stats listed here can change depending on item level, rng and crafting upgrade choices. Armor Pierce [x]% Healing Received [y]% Close Range Damage [z]% Weapon Mods Killing Spree – Tier III […]

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double gun list

Double Guns

Lists all the various double guns currently available in the Outriders game. This page will be updated with new information as more is discovered while playing the game. Make sure to bookmark and share this page with your friends on social media and discord.

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