unique hunters zenith

Unique Hunter’s Zenith

Hunter’s Zenith is a powerful ring for Druids that enhances their shapeshifting abilities. When you kill an enemy with a shapeshifting skill, you gain a bonus that varies depending on which form you’re in. If you’re in Werewolf form, your next non-ultimate Werebear skill will cost no resource and have no cooldown. If you’re in […]

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d4 ancestral mother's embrace

Unique Mother’s Embrace

Mother’s Embrace is a ring that provides a unique benefit to characters of any class. When a Core Skill, such as a primary or secondary skill, hits a certain number of enemies indicated by the static value, a percentage of the skill’s resource cost is refunded to the player. This percentage is determined by a […]

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unique ring of starless skies

Unique Ring of Starless Skies

The Ring of Starless Skies is a powerful ring that provides a bonus to Core Skills for any class. Whenever you cast a Core Skill, the ring’s affix triggers, reducing the Resource cost of your next Core Skill by a percentage value determined by a random Affix_Value_1. This reduction stacks with each consecutive Core Skill […]

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unique ring of mendeln

Unique Ring of Mendeln

The Ring of Mendeln is a powerful ring designed for the Necromancer class. It provides a beneficial effect when the player has [Affix.”Static Value 1″] or more minions. While this condition is met, the player gains a Lucky Hit chance of up to [Affix.”Static Value 0″] to empower all of their minions, causing the next […]

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unique melted heart of selig

Unique Melted Heart of Selig

The Melted Heart of Selig is an amulet that provides [Affix.”Static Value 0″|~%|] increase to Maximum Resource. Additionally, when the wearer takes damage, the amulet drains [random Affix_Value_1|1|] Resource for every [Affix.”Static Value 1″|%|] of Life they would have lost instead. This allows the wearer to mitigate damage by sacrificing a portion of their resources, […]

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Unique Deathspeaker’s Pendant

The Deathspeaker’s Pendant is an amulet designed for the Necromancer class. Its signature ability, Blood Surge, casts a mini nova on your Minions, dealing a fixed amount of damage that is determined by a random value of [Affix_Flat_Value_1]. The damage of this nova is further increased by [Affix_Static_Value_0] for every target drained by the initial […]

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d4 ancestral word of hakan

Unique Word of Hakan

The Word of Hakan is a powerful amulet for Rogues that enhances their Rain of Arrows ability. With this amulet equipped, Rain of Arrows is always imbued with all available Imbuements simultaneously, allowing for devastating area of effect damage against enemies. Whether you’re facing hordes of weaker foes or a few tougher enemies, the Word […]

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unique esadoras overflowing cameo

Unique Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo

Esadora’s Overflowing Cameo is a powerful amulet designed for sorcerers. Its unique ability allows for an explosive release of lightning damage upon collecting Crackling Energy. This chance is determined by the amulet’s affix, with a percentage chance equal to its static value. When triggered, the lightning nova deals a flat amount of damage determined by […]

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unique battle trance item power 795

Unique Battle Trance

The Battle Trance is a powerful amulet designed for Barbarians. By equipping it, the user can increase the maximum stacks of Frenzy by [Affix_Value_1], allowing them to reach new heights of attack speed and damage output. But that’s not all – when the Barbarian is at maximum Frenzy stacks, their other Skills gain [random Affix_Value_2|%+] […]

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