d4 unique grasp of shadow

Grasp of Shadow

Grasp of Shadow is a unique glove piece that is designed specifically for the Rogue class. When equipped, this item provides a powerful offensive bonus to the wearer’s Marksman or Cutthroat skills. Specifically, the item has a chance to summon a Shadow Clone that mimics the wearer’s attack upon damaging a Vulnerable enemy with a […]

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unique vasilys prayer

Unique Vasily’s Prayer

Vasily’s Prayer is a unique helmet designed for the Druid class in the game. When equipped, this item provides a powerful defensive bonus to the wearer’s Earth and Werebear skills. Specifically, the item transforms the wearer’s Earth skills into Werebear skills, granting the wearer additional versatility in combat. Additionally, the item provides a flat Fortify […]

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d4 ancestral harlequin crest

Unique Harlequin Crest

Harlequin Crest is a versatile helmet that can be worn by any class. It has two affixes: the first one grants a percentage value of damage reduction, while the second one provides a flat number of ranks to all skills. Together, these affixes can significantly improve a character’s survivability and power. Type: Helm Class: Any […]

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unique deathless visage

Unique Deathless Visage

The Deathless Visage is a powerful helm that is designed specifically for Necromancers. When wearing this helm, the Necromancer’s Bone Spear ability leaves behind echoes as it travels. These echoes explode upon impact, dealing a significant amount of damage to enemies in the area. The amount of damage dealt is determined by a random Affix_Flat_Value, […]

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unique cowl of the nameless

Unique Cowl of the Nameless

The Cowl of the Nameless is a helm designed for rogues who specialize in taking advantage of enemies who are already incapacitated. With this helm equipped, you gain a boost to your Lucky Hit Chance against enemies who are currently under the effects of crowd control, such as being stunned, frozen, or blinded. The amount […]

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unique storms companion

Unique Storm’s Companion

The Storm’s Companion is a legendary item designed for Druids to wear as pants. When equipped, your Wolf Companions are imbued with the power of the storm, causing them to deal Lightning damage and gain the Storm Howl ability. With this ability, your wolves can unleash a powerful howl that summons a storm to strike […]

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d4 ancestral temerity

Unique Temerity

Temerity is a type of pants that offers a distinct defensive bonus. Whenever any healing effects restore your health beyond a certain threshold, you’ll gain a barrier equal to a percentage of your maximum life. This barrier lasts for a set duration and can help protect you from incoming damage. The specific values of the […]

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unique eyes in the dark

Unique Eyes in the Dark

Eyes in the Dark is a pair of pants designed for the Rogue class in the game. These pants feature the unique affix “Unless it hits a Boss or Player, Death Trap will continue to re-arm itself until it kills an enemy. However, Death Trap’s Cooldown is increased by [random Affix_Value_1|%|].” This affix enhances the […]

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Unique Iceheart Brais

Iceheart Brais are a type of pants that are exclusively designed for Sorcerers in the game. They have a unique Affix that adds an extra layer of lethality to the Sorcerer’s freezing spells. According to their description, when enemies are killed while under the effects of the Sorcerer’s Freeze spell, they have a chance to […]

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unique 100000 steps

Unique 100,000 Steps

100,000 Steps is a pair of boots that can be used by Barbarians. When you gain the final damage bonus from the Walking Arsenal Key Passive, the boots will automatically cast Ground Stomp and give you a boost of [random Affix_Value_1] Fury. However, this effect can only occur once every [Affix_Value_2] seconds. Type: Boots Class: […]

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