How to redeem PC Game Pass code?

This is a short guide detailing the steps you need to take in order to redeem a PCGAMEPASS code.

Step 1.

Go to the xbox pc game pass website –

Step 2.

Download the App and install it to your computer, here is a screenshot of the general location of that link you need to click on in order to start this process

PC Game pass App

Step 3.

Login with your microsoft / xbox account to the newly install app that should of auto launched. If it doesn’t auto launch, go to the windows start bar and search for xbox and then click on that icon.

Xbox app search

Step 4.

Once you are logged into the Xbox / PC Game Pass app, in the corner of the app window should show a profile avatar. Click on that (1) then select the settings option (2).

xbox app settings

Step 5.

In the settings window, go to the section that has a button for redeem a code and then click on the redeem button.

redeem a pc gamepass code

Step 6.

Enter you code in the box and press next which then show will what type of code or gift was used which you then confirm.

redeem your code or gift card

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