Type Solar System Region Owner Starts Time Left Defender Score
iHubO-PNSNFountainWe want your ISK2017-05-28T08:38:270d 1h 51m 43s 0.7
iHubF2-2C3FountainWe want your ISK2017-05-28T19:55:020d 9h 24m 52s 0.6
iHubOU-X3PCloud RingSrsly Spcshipz2017-05-28T17:20:040d 6h 49m 54s 0.6
iHubC-FER9FountainWe want your ISK2017-05-28T10:46:540d 0h 16m 44s 0.6
iHub8R-RTBCloud RingSrsly Spcshipz2017-05-28T08:10:240d 2h 19m 46s 0.9
iHubO-0HW8Cloud RingSrsly Spcshipz2017-05-28T09:07:080d 1h 23m 2s 0.6
iHub7BIX-AFountainMinistry of Inappropriate Footwork2017-05-28T22:31:040d 12h 0m 54s 0.6
TCUMK-YNMCobalt EdgeShadow of xXDEATHXx2017-05-29T02:19:120d 15h 49m 2s 0.6
StationZKYV-WPure BlindPandemic Horde2017-05-29T02:34:140d 16h 4m 4s 0.6
Station Freeport38IA-EFountain2017-05-29T04:34:380d 18h 4m 28s
iHubF-5FDAScalding PassThe Bastard Cartel2017-05-29T08:54:390d 22h 24m 29s 0.6
StationS1-XTLScalding PassThe Bastard Cartel2017-05-28T23:41:200d 13h 11m 10s 0.6
Station FreeportO-PNSNFountain2017-05-29T03:38:030d 17h 7m 53s
Station1-5GBWFountainO.U.Z.O. Alliance2017-05-29T06:23:030d 19h 52m 53s 0.6
iHub1-5GBWFountainO.U.Z.O. Alliance2017-05-29T08:26:480d 21h 56m 38s 0.6
StationATQ-QSFountainO.U.Z.O. Alliance2017-05-29T06:39:520d 20h 9m 42s 0.6
iHubATQ-QSFountainO.U.Z.O. Alliance2017-05-29T05:08:200d 18h 38m 10s 0.6
TCUP4-3TJQueriousFeign Disorder2017-05-29T00:16:340d 13h 46m 24s 0.6
Station7BIX-AFountainIron Armada2017-05-29T12:51:541d 2h 21m 44s 0.6
iHub38IA-EFountainIron Armada2017-05-29T08:19:360d 21h 49m 26s 0.6
iHubM-KXEHFountainIron Armada2017-05-28T19:00:300d 8h 30m 20s 0.6
Station FreeportKU5R-WPure Blind2017-05-29T11:01:181d 0h 31m 8s
Station FreeportUI-8ZEPure Blind2017-05-29T13:38:141d 3h 8m 4s
StationD4KU-5FountainLowSechnaya Sholupen2017-05-29T14:37:491d 4h 7m 39s 0.6
StationX9V-15Scalding PassSolyaris Chtonium2017-05-29T14:18:291d 3h 48m 19s 0.6
iHubP5-EFHFountainSmug Loli2017-05-29T16:47:391d 6h 17m 29s 0.6
TCU5Q65-4Wicked CreekHell's Pirates2017-05-29T23:15:401d 12h 45m 30s 0.6
Station FreeportG-UTHLFountain2017-05-29T20:25:211d 9h 55m 11s
iHubGN-PDUScalding PassProthean Alliance2017-05-30T10:31:132d 0h 1m 3s 0.6
iHub8Q-T7BScalding PassFreedom Among the Stars2017-05-30T00:08:011d 13h 37m 51s 0.6
Station Freeport93PI-4Pure Blind2017-05-30T04:20:351d 17h 50m 25s
TCUR1O-GNThe Kalevala ExpanseShadow of xXDEATHXx2017-05-30T02:27:171d 15h 57m 7s 0.6
TCUI2D3-5The Kalevala ExpanseShadow of xXDEATHXx2017-05-30T01:50:281d 15h 20m 18s 0.6
TCUGQ-7SPThe Kalevala ExpanseShadow of xXDEATHXx2017-05-30T06:21:051d 19h 50m 55s 0.6
iHub5-9WNUPure BlindMordus Angels2017-05-30T01:57:071d 15h 26m 57s 0.6