Logistic Dropsuit List The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest in integrated diagnostic technology, most of which revolves around »

Heavy Dropsuit List The Heavy dropsuit is a second-generation solution designed to withstand concentrated small arms fire and protect the »

Assault Dropsuit List The Assault dropsuit is a all-around front-line combat suit that combines excellent protection, good mobility, and sufficient »

Default controller layout for Dust 514 Listed here is the Dust 514 control layout for the PS3 Controller. Infantry Controller »

Default Keyboard and Mouse controls for Dust 514 Listed here is the Dust 514 control layout for the keyboard and mouse. »

Battle Icons List This page features all the different types of battle icons that appear on mini-map and overview map »

How to use Squad Commands effectively via overview map! This is going to be a quick and simple guide on »

Assault Rifles List Conceived by Duvolle Laboratories, a corporation best known for its ceaseless R&D, the G75-VLB solves many of »

Infantry Light Weapons List This is a general list page for all the Light slot infantry weapons. »

Laser Rifles List The laser rifle is a continuous wave, medium range weapon. Targets are painted with a high intensity »