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Infantry Heavy Weapons This is a general list page for all the Heavy slot infantry weapons. »

Scrambler Pistols List The Scrambler is a semi-automatic pistol originally designed and manufactured by Carthum Conglomerate. A small-scale directed energy »

Sniper Rifles List Using microscale railgun technology, the sniper rifle effectively weaponizes velocity, putting an inert round downrange in excess »

Nova Knives List A close-quarters melee weapon, the nova knife is as deadly a weapon as anything on the battlefield. »

Mass Drivers List The Mass Driver is a semi-automatic, multi-shot grenade launcher useful as both a breaching tool and area »

Swarm Launchers List A mid-range anti-material weapon, the shoulder-mounted rocket launcher provides infantry squads with the means to effectively engage »

Submachine Guns List Favoring function over form, the SMG is a lightweight, semi-automatic weapon designed for close-quarters combat. What it »