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Assault Rifles List Conceived by Duvolle Laboratories, a corporation best known for its ceaseless R&D, the G75-VLB solves many of »

Infantry Light Weapons List This is a general list page for all the Light slot infantry weapons. »

Laser Rifles List The laser rifle is a continuous wave, medium range weapon. Targets are painted with a high intensity »

Shotguns List Designed for close-range combat, the shotgun is a spread weapon with tremendous stopping power. Unlike traditional cyclotron designs, »

Locus Grenades List The Locus is a timed-fuse fragmentation explosive that is highly effective against dropsuit armor.  Great for taking »

Heavy Machine Guns List A multi-barrel, rotary drive machine gun, the HMG is a singularly devastating anti-infantry weapon. Eschewing the »

Flux Grenades List The Flux grenade is a hand-thrown wave shaper designed to destroy low-level electronic equipment and disrupt shielding. »

Anti-Vehicle Grenades List The AV grenade is a high-explosive homing charge that automatically targets any hostile vehicle within its seek »

Forge Guns List Adapted from Deep Core Mining Inc.’s proprietary technology, the DCMA S-1 subverts conventional expectations of what a »

Infantry Sidearm Weapons List This is a general list page for all the Sidearm slot infantry weapons. »