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Legendary Belt Drop: Harrington Waistguard Found the legendary belt Harrington Waistguard which dropped in Ruins of Corvus from rare Balata »

Legendary Drop: Plan: Lai Yui’s Persuader Found the legendary plan: Lai Yui’s Persuader which dropped in Passage to Corvus from »

Legendary Crafting Material: Adventurer’s Journal Found the legendary crafting material Adventurer’s Journal which dropped in Passage to Corvus from unsettled »

Legendary Two-Handed Sword Drop: Scourge Found the legendary two-handed sword Scourge which dropped in Briarthorn Cemetery from Jinakto The Shamed »

Legendary Boots Drop: Boj Anglers Found the legendary boots Boj Anglers in Library of Fate from Rakanoth on torment 1. »

Legendary Set Amulet Drop: Blackthorne’s Duncraig Cross Found the legendary set amulet Blackthorne’s Duncraig Cross which dropped in Rakkis Crossing »

Legendary Belt Drop: Angel Hair Braid Found the legendary belt Angel Hair Braid which dropped in Stonefort from champion named »

Legendary Mojo Drop: Uhkapian Serpent Found the legendary mojo Uhkapian Serpent in Dahlgur Oasis which was dropped from Ssthrass on »

Legendary Two-Handed Axe Drop: Skorn Found the legendary two-handed axe Skorn which dropped in Dahlgur Oasis from champion ‘Tyrant The »

Legendary Drop: Plan: The Helm of Rule Found the legendary plan: The Helm of Rule which dropped in The Forgotten »