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Legendary Bracers Drop: Warzechian Armguards Found the legendary bracers Warzechian Armguards which dropped in Black Canyon Mines from loose stones »

Legendary Belt Drop: Hellcat Waistguard Found the legendary belt Hellcat Waistguard which dropped in Watch Tower Level 2 from a »

Legendary Bracers Drop: Slave Bonds Found the legendary bracers Slave Bonds which dropped in Caverns of Araneae from a elite »

Legendary Chest Armor Drop: Chaingmail Found the legendary chest armor Chaingmail which dropped in Wortham from dead body on torment »

Legendary Pants Drop: Swamp Land Waders Found the legendary pants Swamp Land Waders which dropped in Warrior’s Rest from a »

Legendary Ring Drop: Stone of Jordan Found the legendary ring Stone of Jordan which dropped Hell Rift T6 from a »

Legendary Set Drop: Plan: Demon’s Hide Found the legendary set plan Demon’s Hide which dropped in Hell Rift Level 1 »

Legendary Potion Drop: Bottomless Potion of Regeneration Found the legendary potion Bottomless Potion of Regeneration which dropped in Hell Rift »

Legendary Crafting Material: Bloody Pincer Found the legendary crafting material Bloody Pincer which dropped in Ruins of Corvus from Balata. »